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Welcome, My name is Jesse Williams.

This is where I house my thoughts on topics that interest me including: Startups, Marketing, Technology, Finance & anything else that catches my attention. The opinions that you will find in my posts are my own, they are taken directly from my current views on life, which I expect will change as I grow and experience more. Life is a journey, you can follow mine or ignore it ... trolling is unappreciated.

All is grace,

professional bio

Jesse Williams is a young marketing executive living in Washington DC with his wife and two children.

Jesse currently leads the marketing efforts for ExecVision and is an official member of the Forbes Communication Council. Previously, Jesse lead the marketing efforts for Codenvy (Acquired, Red Hat), Mindbox Studios, and YouCaring (Acquired, Private Equity)

He has consulted with top startups including, DroneDeploy, SkyCatch, and Fundraise Adventure.

Jesse Williams is a top writer on Medium and can be followed on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

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Company: ExecVision
Role: Director of Marketing
Date: October 2017 - Present
Overview: ExecVision is a Conversation Intelligence platform that allows organizations to leverage customer facing conversations to onboard, develop, manage, and retain talent.

Company: Skycatch
Role: Marketing Automation Consultant
Date: September 2017 - December 2017
Overview: Skycatch is the largest enterprise focused drone software startup. My work with Skycatch included breaking down, mapping, and reverse engineering their existing marketing automation system.

Company: Mindbox Studios
Role: Director & Founder of GROW Division
Date: October 2016 - September 2017
Overview: Mindbox GROW is the SaaS Marketing Division of Mindbox Studios. It was founded out of the desire to provide greater resources to existing clients.
Our client portfolio includes some of the most successful SaaS startups in the world.

Company: DroneDeploy
Role: Inbound & Customer Acquisition Consultant
Date: October 2016 - December 2016
Overview: My work with the team at DroneDeploy is focused on simplifying and optimizing their inbound marketing flow, lead nurturing campaigns, customer retention rates & ultimatley decreasing customer churn. We are currently executing on a two stage nurture re-work, displayed here.

Company: Colabo
Role: Head of Marketing
Date: May 2016 - October 2016
Accomplishments: Since joining the team at Colabo, I’ve been working non-stop to reposition, rebrand and bring clarity to our message and value proposition. I’ve also created and turned on paid ad campaigns to supplement and build our immediate sales pipeline.

Company: Codenvy (Acquired by Red Hat)
Role: Head of Demand Gen and Marketing Operations
Date: August 2014 - May 2016
Accomplishments: While working with the Codenvy team I helped manage two major product launches, created/managed major event marketing programs, created/managed lead nurturing & email marketing campaigns in Marketo, managed and grew open source communities, and increased my understanding of technology exponentially. Notable accomplishments include:

- Growing daily inbound SaaS signups to +900
- Growing daily blog traffic from 15 visitors to +100
- Managing and running 15-20 trade shows / year
- Getting Codenvy featured in notable industry newsletters, including Docker

Project: Open Source Project, Eclipse Che
Role: Head of Marketing, PR, & Awareness
Date: August 2014 - May 2016
Accomplishments: Eclipse Che is an open source cloud IDE that is part of the Eclipse Foundation’s top level cloud tooling initiative. Since working with Eclipse Che I’ve help drive adoption and awareness into enterprise companies including SAP, IBM, Microsoft, Red Hat & many more.

Microsoft finally joins open source Eclipse Foundation.

SAP web IDE for HANA is based on Eclipse Che.

OpenShift Ecosystem: IDE Integration.

Company: Spiritus Solutions
Role: Digital Marketing Consultant and Brand Manger
Date: August 2014 - October 2015
Accomplishments: I joined Spiritus Solutions shortly after working with YouCaring. My role included creating go-to-market strategies for tech-startups and augmenting outsourced demand gen and sales teams with marketing support. During my time with Spiritus I learned how technology sales teams operate, how to predict sales growth and how to manage sales teams.

Company: YouCaring.com (Acquired, Private Equity)
Role: Head of Marketing, Founding Team
Date: April 2011 - July 2014
Accomplishments: I joined the YouCaring team a few months after it was launched. My responsibilities included, creating blog content, managing the distribution and promotion channels, and managing YouCaring's social media presence. During my time with YouCaring, I contributed to growing their monthly web traffic to +1M unique visitors, increasing their social following by +25% month-over-month and creating +350 pieces of unique content.

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